Puzzle Park

Puzzle Park is a mixture of orienteering, mountain biking, and traditional problem solving.


Held in the nearby Glasfynydd Forestry in the Brecon Beacons and reminiscent of certain famous 1990's game shows (think Crystal Maze...). Perfect as a team building activity, for school groups or families after a real challenge.

Your teams are given a map and a mountain bike each and then sent off into the forest (don't worry there's an experienced guide with you at all times). Dotted around the forest are tasks to test the teams' abilities. Some physical, some mental, but all involving teamwork and divergent but cooperative thinking.


Each task completed will reveal the map co-ordinates for the next challenge, then it's back on to the bikes, down the bumpy forest tracks to find it!


Racing against the clock, Puzzle Park can easily fill a full day or be reduced to a half day. Either way, the time will disappear far faster than you want it too. 

Puzzle Park can be done as a stand alone activity, or as part of a structured activity break. Call us for more details.