Summer residential 

Do you home-school your children? Are they between 10-15? Don't want them to miss out?


What is the summer residential?

Most schools will organise an outdoor education residential most years that young people are in education. The weeks are a purposeful and planned experience in the outdoors. They include discovery, experimentation, learning about and connecting to the natural world, and engaging in outdoor sports and adventure activities.

Our summer residential is designed specifically for young people who are home-educated, allowing them the chance to develop skills in teamwork and independence surrounded by peers who have had a similar life experience to them.

Our team includes members who have been home schooled and consists of people who are sympathetic to the lifestyle meaning we are in a unique position to understand the challenges and advantages that your young person may have.

Why is it important?

As young people grow and develop they will take steps towards being more independent, they will seek experiences outside of their current sphere.


Outdoor education activities are designed to challenge young people, physically, mentally but also socially.

They will be surrounded by their peers without  parental support and pushed to the edge of their comfort zone in safe supervised environments.


These experiences are vital to help young people prepare to detach and eventually leave the nest in a healthy prepared way.


Evidentially my dear Watson...


There is a large evidence base that states that outdoor education effectively:

  • Tackles social mobility, giving children new and exciting experiences that inspire them to reach their true potential.

  • Raises aspirations, equipping young people with the skills they need to become active and responsible citizens.

  • Increases self-esteem, and become more engaged in their education and experiences.

  • Raises attainment and improves discipline.

  • Contributes significantly to raising standards & improving pupils’ personal, social & emotional development.

What will they do?

The young people will stay in a hostel environment in single sex dormitory accommodation. They will be supervised by experienced outdoor instructors, fed by an experienced and flexible organic kitchen and looked after by dedicated emotional support staff. They will have all safety equipment provided and 3 hot meals a day. The exact programme over the week varies due to weather and numbers but below is a sample timetable to give you an idea of how the week will run:


We run all activities on a ‘challenge by choice’ philosophy and so young people can take part in exactly what they feel they are capable of. (we have had young people who took part in very few of the activities but still claimed they had one of the best weeks of their lives – staying away with new friends is an adventure in itself for some.)

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