Activity Holidays in the Brecon Beacons

ARC Adventures was born from the belief that Outdoor Education and Adventure Activities could be done better. With a lifetime of experience across a broad spectrum of the outdoor industry and a true passion for what we do, we founded a company based on the following principles:  


Outdoor activities, fun and learning for all

Many outdoor activity providers seem to swing one way or the other. They take their activities and learning very seriously or they prioritise songs, games and play.   

We want our guests to experience the best of BOTH worlds... it's important to learn everything we can, but also to respect the intense beauty of nature, the area and its history.


Our activities may  take you outside of your comfort zone, but we do it in absolute safety. For many we'll really push people to explore their limits, but what's the use in trying anything new if you are not going to enjoy it?


We promote loud, we love songs & games, we act like kids. We jump around, we fall down, we get muddy, we get back up. Because learning how to have fun and let go is as important as anything else you can learn.   


Storyline Adventures.

Our real uniqueness comes from our storylines. Every adventure needs a story, ours come as standard! Why not try one of our week-long storyline residentials.


They revolve around a storyline based on a local Welsh myth or legend. All the activities link together to give participants the skills and resources to complete their final challenge on the last day. 

We create our stories following the Hero's Journey to enable an escape from reality, in which lessons are learned. The idea is that these lessons can be used by young people once they get home from holiday.


Stories are designed to teach, ours are no different - just a bit more fun.  

They could be searching for the final message from the Lady of the Lake, waking the Knights of Owain or searching for the truth about Bran the Giant...but you can be sure they'll find some truth about themselves along the way

Don't Know what the Hero's Journey is?

click here 

Real Locations, Real Activities.


How can you learn about rock climbing on a wooden tower? How can you learn about kayaking on a pond? How can you learn to use a map without the space to get lost ? 


We are lucky to be based in the Fforest Fawr Geopark in the Western Brecon Beacons, one of the most naturally stunning areas in Wales - (or anywhere else for that matter!). Our visitors are constantly taken aback by the remote and epic beauty of the venues where we deliver our activities. They're often steeped in history (both factual and mythical) and usually teeming with wildlife.


If we want to teach people to look after our planet we need to show them why its worth saving. We don't just do that, we want to show you how to utilise it for maximum enjoyment with minimal environmental impact. Epic views by day - and by night, just look up, because we are situated bang in the middle of the 5th ever established international dark skies reserve.


Stars like you've never seen them before.     

Co-operative Competition. 

Competition inspires but divides; which is why we believe in

Co-operative competition.

Typically every Activity comprises two parts  - Learning and Demonstration

During each activity individuals or teams will be able to earn points for skill, behaviour and teamwork. As well as for a challenge at the end of the session. 


The points each team earn will be analysed at the end of the day in a review session. This allows for measurable progress in how the young people work in a team. 

But we don't MAKE people take part if they're uncomfortable, sure we'll encourage, suggest, gently show the way, but never force.




It doesn't end here ...

Too many times I've heard the story that someone completed an activity on camp as a kid, really loved it, but never did it again.

This is why we provide each participant with a professionally produced journal with discounts and/or special offers personalised for each group's home location, so that they can continue their adventure when they get home.


We complete the majority of the journal in reflection times on camp, meaning they have a strong book of evidence backing up what they have learnt.


There are also sections to be completed back at home or school which allow them to reflect, digest and hopefully continue to enjoy those things they discovered whilst away. 


Real Instructors, Real Experience.

One group at a time.


Our instructors are all fully qualified people who have a genuine passion for the things they teach.


Climbers who climb mountains, kayakers who shoot rapids, archers who compete. They all have an in depth knowledge of both the environments in which they work and the sports that they demonstrate.


We will never leave a group alone with an apprentice! Although common practice in the industry, we don't think it's right. We pay well above the average in the industry because it allows us to hand pick adventure activity instructors who are truly inspiring.   

We only ever have one school or group on-site at any time! This means our focus is solely on you!


We can tailor your activity holiday to your specific requirements, and if you change your mind when you get here we can change what we do.  

Climbing in the rain is no fun - we can switch days around or even go indoors if the weather is too bad. Too hot to be running around? Then lets do more watersports! 


It gives us the flexibility to provide the best experience we can. 

No-One Gets Left Behind.

Because we care; We have established a fund to ensure that what we provide is available to everyone. If there are young people from the same group, year or class who can't afford to join you on your residential,  we will foot the bill. Each person is assessed on a case by case basis but we will always try to ensure that no-one gets left behind.