New kid on the block

I'm new here - so a big hello to everyone! I'll be working with Pete and Claire to promote Arc Adventures to a wider audience and big up the stunning location. Helping them with ideas and actions to market our range of activities and fill up the accommodation with lovely guests. Adventure breaks is a growing market and the Brecon Beacons is a world famous location. Put the two together with honest pricing for short stay or long stay (Just £20 a night for a warm bed!) and you have the basis of a sure fire winner.

My background is (of course) marketing. I've worked with Renewable Energy Companies, Eco/Democracy Platforms for Schools and Motorcycle adventure podcasting amongst a range of other activities. Hopefully I'll slot right in - like a foot into a favourite hiking boot. I'm revamping and revisiting the website as Pete barely has time to tie his shoelaces before taking the next group of eager beavers out caving, climbing, abseiling, kayaking or mountain biking.

If you've anything that you'd like to see more of, less of or just some of...please let us know and I'll endeavour to add it to the curriculum or content of the site. All suggestions welcome.

I'm not this pixelated in real life

The Latest news is...we've got a license to serve alcohol, so local ales and wines are now available from the Hostel (whoopee!) so if you're passing, call in for a pint!

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