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Half Escape room, Half Activity Holiday

A little bit insane 

100% fun

Be the legend your mum always thought you were.

32 Hour immersive Experience

Your weekend will start with a brief, a group meal and some icebreakers. From then until the end of your time everything you experience will be in game. 

Open World Experience

Our driver goes where you want to, clues will tell you where to explore but your next challenge could be anywhere in the Brecon beacons  - or over them - or under them! 

Fully All-Inclusive residential.

From the moment you arrive we provide everything you need from food and water to a bed to a wetsuit. So you dont have to worry about anything!

*Alcaholic drinks from our bar are charged for

Completion not guaranteed

You have 32 hours, if you can't figure out the secrets of the Twylth Teg in that time then it's too bad.. 

But if you do, there could be treats in store for you...