Back in the time before, there were tales of the Tylwyth Teg. A race of fair folk who dwelt in the underground lakes beneath the Brecon Beacons. The direct descendants of dragons they say. Stunningly beautiful to look at, smarter than the folk above, but never ever to be trusted... 


I would tell you the whole story but...


it hasn't finished yet.

Could you be the ones who finish the tale...?

Storyline Adventures..

Specifically designed as a more engaging alternative for young people displaying challenging behaviour, our storyline adventures are based on the psychology of self-authoring and meta-cognition.

The programme consists of a 5 day week of activities spanning Monday to Friday and is an all inclusive programme. Culminating in a final 


Unlike normal activity holidays there is no schedule, the week unfolds like a book. Each activity has an aim which if completed will unlock clues to what the group could do next. 

Due to massive success, feedback and personal progress reported by the Referral Units we have worked with, we now have our new and improved story-line ready for 2021.


More than your average residential. 

wand scrool.jpg

The programme is about learning to be self dependent, and is a week long challenge. Which It is possible to fail. We consider this as valid a learning experience for the group as completing it. 

The activities require physical, mental, creative and collaborative skills to complete. The aim being that each member of the team gets a chance to shine; and to struggle during the week and the group are brought to reflect on that fact .

Groups will climb, kayak, shoot, swim and slide their way through the caves, lakes, mountains and forests of Wales in search of the final message from the Tylwth Teg.

Core skills like map reading, time management, teamwork, and self regulation are not just taught but later recalled by necessity. 

This week is hard! Physically and mentally. It is not a holiday. We specialise in working with alternative provisions, and we want real outcomes from their time with us.   

All our staff are team teach trained and have experience working within PRU's or alternative provisions as well as their activity specific qualifications. 

Our location is remote, has no WiFi and no phone signal, we only have one group on site at any time and all our activity locations are chosen to be unique from other groups so there are no distractions for the young people from what they are focused on. 

Our props, tools and elements are all professionally constructed and placed in remote and wild locations. Our main aim is to keep the young people engaged in a long delayed gratification task. If it's not believable then we cant expect the young people to buy in. 

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