Target sports 

Archery :

Come and try your hand at Archery, one of the original Olympic sports. Shoot a bow with trained and experienced instructors in the beautiful, peaceful settings of the Brecon Beacons.

Concentrate in silence, learn to breathe and read the wind, anticipate the distance correctly and hit the bullseye. We have 10 & 20 metre targets and a wide selection of bows (competition and traditional) and arrows for you to try. 

You will receive expert archery tuition, learning how to use the bows safely, then unlimited shooting for the remainder of your hour. 

Archery, Axe Throwing and Air Rifles. 

Pick one, or try all three activities...

Axe throwing:

Axe throwing is a growing trend in target sports. Requiring concentration, coordination and an understanding of basic physics! It is however completely safe and really good for releasing some frustration . 

Come with us and channel your inner Mohican. See how good your aim is, how much you can improve your technique with a bit of training,  by burying a hatchet into our targets. 

You will receive expert tuition in axe throwing technique and then unlimited throws for an hour.

Air Rifle Shooting :

Our traditional spring loaded, break-barrel air rifles pack quite a punch, require a steady hand and a solid eye.  They're also virtually silent in use, so we don't upset the local wildlife (or neighbours). Easy to load and use, they're relatively lightweight too.


Our specially designed range lets you try your hand at shooting in a completely safe environment. With multiple targets to choose from, you can either test yourself against the Olympic standard, or shoot for fun at a range of selected small targets. Shooting through open sights rather than telescopic, requires a degree of concentration, stillness and regulated breathing.

With expert shooting tuition, followed by unlimited shots for the hour, you'll have plenty of time to perfect your sharp-shooter's eye.